Teardrops for Heroes

The Moving Wall came to Elmira on a very dark, rainy August weekend. People came in bunches, very subdued. The Wall is a good place, a prayerful place, a sad place. The Viet Nam war made that place in many peoples' hearts.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Want the Wall to Come to Your Area?

The solemnity of the Wall is enveloping and comforting. If you've always lacked closure regarding the Viet Nam war, or if you really don't know how you feel about those years, you must go to the Memorial in Washington or visit the travelling version. There was a feeling of resolution, and, again, closure. Even the setup of the Wall was a big event. This is being properly handled and presented, according our heroes the respect they deserve.

The Wall is all about people, the living and the departed. More photos by professional photographers at the paper here. Memorials are for the living. I cried a lot during the Vietnam years; the television was saturated with it, and I feared for family and friends. And the after-effects on our veterans was tragically visible, even here where they were welcomed with open arms and relief, and have continually been honored by local people. I never felt like crying at the Moving Wall, even though the day was dark, and the rain just poured on us.

The experience was sacramental for me. This blog is not about me, just seen through my eyes and heart: the Moving Wall could be sacramental for you. If you are a veteran, I thank you for putting yourself forward for us. If you still hurt, a pilgrimage to Washington, DC could help ease the pain. The entire city is all about America, and belongs to you.

A trip to DC is impossible for some. Seems like the Moving Wall has been everywhere, but it might be new to you. If your area's not yet seen the wall, contact these people.

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